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re-balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

Holistic & Whole-hearted Healing
for Pain, Anxiety, Stress & Grief

We all strive to have a balanced life of health, wealth and happiness.
We all desire a strong, healthy body that is Pain-free. And a mind that that is Peaceful and calm.
We desire to feel happy and self-confident.

We all desire to feel Balanced, Calm and Clear.

If these painful situations could be changed quickly and naturally… How much more enjoyable could your life be?

Let’s talk about what’s going on for you and how we might be able to help?


to lovingly meet you where you are, with an open heart and an open mind, (free of judgements and expectations for how you need to be)

to provide a safe space for you to tell your story, while we acknowledge your innate brilliance (it can be so easy to overlook it in the midst of your challenges)

to provide you with the most effective tools, techniques and processes that support you to effectively release from old limitations

to use the body's innate intelligence to choose we select the best course of action for the issues at hand

to uplift you to see beyond the old story and get the clarity you need for your next steps

and to offer the most appropriate energetic processes that invite deep peace and calm, and yes, --even joy and ease-- as you embrace greater health wealth and happiness

Brilliance is that which makes you shine!

It is our joyful mission to provide the education, inspiration and support that uplifts and empowers you to clearly see your gifts, talents and innate brilliance. 

We believe that true wellness thrives from the inside out! We believe that seeking balance on all levels— from your physical, emotional and mental levels, to your essential and spiritual levels is foundational to your wellness journey.

Quick, Effective Relief
That leads to lasting Change

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Flower Essences


Energetic Facelifts


Anxiety Relief


Energy Healing


Access Bars



I’m feeling good. I felt mellow and relaxed all week even though work has been busy. I’ve been able to rise above the stress, be more positive and “lighter.”

Kathy M., Williamsburg

“Mary has such a calming affect on you, very knowledgable,… Her talents and gifts are quite amazing.”

Susan S., Virginia Beach

“Dear Mary, Thank you for the wonderful session and your willingness to address my hypothyroidism. My body felt so light and balanced at the end. I did not know that was possible.”

Nancy, Virginia Beach

“In the 6 weeks that you have been running my Bars, I have experienced more shifts and changes in my life than ever before,… now my body is changing daily.”

Bill L., Frederick, MD


There was a lot of healing today for my daughter Rosemary and for me. I ran her bars… For the most part she felt happy and relaxed to almost sleepy, but near the end she felt energized.”

Gloria D., Greensboro, NC

“I was suffering with what I called ‘my nervous stomach’. I felt so exhausted… Mary Mayer, was there and offered a treatment. I can tell you I was a new person when she was finished.”

Alice Y., Northern Neck, VA

Ready to Make a Change?

You got this! We are here to support you in this step and beyond!